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Missed last year’s event?

TEDxUCincinnati’s 2019 annual event, featuring 9 inspiring professional and 2 student speakers.

Videos and photos coming soon! Check speaker bios at the link below.

The chance for greatness, for progress and for change dies the moment we try to be like someone else.


Faith Jegede: What I’ve learned from my autistic brothers


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Our Executive Team

Who we are

  • Luke Lampe
    Luke Lampe President
  • Venkat Suru
    Venkat Suru External Vice President
  • Anthony Martini
    Anthony Martini Internal Vice President
  • Zach Babb
    Zach Babb Marketing Chair
  • Divya Vinod
    Divya Vinod Speaker Relations Director
  • Babaljit Kaur
    Babaljit Kaur Digital Design Manager
  • Rasika Patil
    Rasika Patil Assistant Marketing Chair
  • Silja Golczyk
    Silja Golczyk Salon Director
  • Sachit Rustagi
    Sachit Rustagi Co-Director of DLP
  • Rachel Hiller
    Rachel Hiller On-Campus Relations Director
  • Gabrielle Stefanko
    Gabrielle Stefanko Promotional Material Manager
  • Ronak Shah
    Ronak Shah Co-Director of DLP
  • Daniel Rowe
    Daniel Rowe Salon Designer
  • Anju Arulmani
    Anju Arulmani Salon Coordinator
  • Casey Swoboda
    Casey Swoboda Assistant Speakers Relations Director
  • Jack Reger
    Jack Reger Finance Chair

It’s hard work that makes the difference. I don’t care how smart you are or how smart you think you are. Smart simply means you’re ready to learn.


Freeman Hrabowski: 4 pillars of college success in science