Executive Board

Lead Team

  • Luke Lampe
    Luke Lampe President

    Luke Lampe is a third-year Business Economics major in the Lindner College of Business. His chronic addiction to podcasts introduced him to his love of TED through the TED Radio Hour podcast. When Luke is not listening to podcasts, he spends his time as a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity or working with local high school students through the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati. Luke’s passions include all things Cincinnati, traveling, and exploring new things.

  • Venkat Suru
    Venkat Suru External Vice President

    A former member of DLP, Venkat is a third-year Medical Sciences major and Psychology minor. Having found a passion for leadership, he is also the founder of UC HOSA, co-founder of UHP Ignite, and vice president of SDIC. Venkat also enjoys researching the effects of stress hormones on epilepsy at CCHMC. He fancies exploring new places, corgis, cool restaurants, and long walks at dusk. He is thrilled to be a part of TEDxCincinnati!

  • Anthony Martini
    Anthony Martini Internal Vice President

    Tony is a third year Operations Management and Economics major. Along with TEDx, he is a competing member of the UC Varsity Sales team and a Systems Analyst Intern at City Gospel Mission. An avid reader, he can often be found working through five books or more at a time, yet he lacks any real communication skills. Tony doesn’t know how to do anything, so he likes to hear people’s ideas and give them a stage to share them from. Send him an email if you have something to share.

Marketing & Campus Relations

  • Zach Babb
    Zach Babb Marketing Chair

    Zach is a sophomore studying Psychology and Finance. In addition to school, Zach runs a small start-up company called 828 which is dedicated to supporting people with mental health disorders and combating the stigmas that surround these disorders. He constantly wishes there was more time in the day because he loves connecting with people and will take any opportunity to learn about others. When he’s not busy, he is probably thinking about the most random thing possible…or crazy socks. He’s got some awesome socks.

  • Rasika Patil
    Rasika Patil Assistant Marketing Chair

    Rasika is an MS Marketing graduate student at Lindner College of Business. She has worked for 3.5 years in the information technology industry, where she experienced ups and down in the daily corporate world. Her interest and curiosity to understand what is good leadership and how millennials react and perceive leadership made her fall in love with Simon Sinek’s TED talk. He, along with other proficient TED speakers, have continued to inspire her since then. She likes to pen-down her thoughts and travel. Rasika is super excited for this journey with TEDxUCincinnati.

  • Rachel Hiller
    Rachel Hiller On-Campus Relations Director

    Rachel is a second year Exploratory major. Outside of classes and TEDx, she is part of the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council, a mural tour guide for ArtWorks, a café assistant at The 86 Coffee Bar, and has several leadership positions in the multicultural sorority Delta Phi Lambda. Her passions include leadership, creativity, making positive impacts, and making puns. Her hobbies include watching TV and movies, volunteering, reading, and making puns.


  • Jillian Kavinsky Design Chair

    Jillian is a fifth year studying Marketing, Information Systems, German Studies, and Electronic Media, yet wishes it was possible to get a degree in jigsaw puzzling instead. Passionate about all things creative, design, and technology, Jillian works in the advertising industry and is the most die-hard Cincinnatian you will ever meet. She likes hockey, loves a good whiskey cheddar, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of ’80s punk music. Find her full portfolio here.

  • Babaljit Kaur
    Babaljit Kaur Digital Design Manager

    Babaljit is a fourth year student studying Communication Design with a minor in Information Technology. In addition TEDx, she is also on the exec team for Midwest Dhamaka. She’s passionate about expanding her experiences and using creativity as an outlet across different platforms. Babaljit loves spicy food, enjoys making playlists on Spotify, working through a long list of books to read, and does freelance design work on the side.

  • Gabrielle Stefanko
    Gabrielle Stefanko Promotional Material Manager

    Gabrielle is a second year Architecture student studying in the college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. As a former DLP member, Gabi’s other involvement on campus includes DAAP Tribunal and the University Honors Program. When she’s not in class you can find Gabi at an Indians game, the campus rec, propagating plants, or cooking all things in hot sauce with friends. She is excited to get out of the studio and start designing for TEDxUCincinnati!

Speaker Relations

  • Divya Vinod
    Divya Vinod Speaker Relations Director

    Divya is a third-year Medical Sciences Major also pursuing a Spanish Minor and International Human Rights Certificate. In addition to TEDx, she is the Health Services Coordinator at RISE, founder and president of RISE UC, co-founder of UHP Ignite, and an Internal VP of Student Diversity and Inclusion Council. She also works in an immunology research lab at CCHMC. In her free time, Divya enjoys dancing, traveling, watching Netflix, and making really bad puns.

  • Casey Swoboda
    Casey Swoboda Assistant Speakers Relations Director

    Casey is a third year studying neuroscience and biology. He has quite the affinity for podcasts, poetry, and philosophy, which explains his love for TED’s mission of spreading new ideas. When he’s not constantly trying to soak up new information, Casey works as a Research Assistant at CCHMC’s division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology. On campus, Casey serves as a Resident Advisor in Siddall Hall and is the Vice President of the Undergraduate Philosophy Club. Other interests Casey has includes sustainability, art, hiking, rock climbing, coffee, and conversation.


  • Jack Reger
    Jack Reger Finance Chair

    Jack is a third year student in the Lindner College of Business, Majoring in Finance with Minors in Business Analytics and Information Systems. In addition to his role in TEDxUCincinnati, he is the President of his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and the Vice President of Bearcat Developers.


  • Silja Golczyk
    Silja Golczyk Salon Director

    Silja is a second-year Circle of Excellence honors student double-majoring in International Business and Operations Management. In addition to TEDx, she functions as a Student Worker on campus and is on the executive board at iCats. Whenever she is not in class or in meetings, Silja enjoys playing the piano, reading books, and eating spicy food.

  • Daniel Rowe
    Daniel Rowe Salon Designer

    Daniel is a second-year student studying Business Analytics, Economics and French. He is also a ROAR Campus Tour Guide and enjoys considering every student at UC his friend, at least while giving tours. The best place to find Daniel is at the Campus Recreation Center Climbing Wall, where he spends time working, climbing, studying, and napping.

  • Anju Arulmani
    Anju Arulmani Salon Coordinator

    Anju is a second-year chemical engineering student in the College of Engineering in Applied Sciences. As an enthusiast of TED, she finds great joy in hearing people’s stories and sharing them with others. Aside from TEDxUCincinnati, Anju is a classical dancer, food lover, and adventurer.


  • Sachit Rustagi
    Sachit Rustagi Co-Director of DLP

    Sachit Rustagi is a second year Medical Sciences major. As a former member of DLP, Sachit found his passion of helping others regain their autonomy and serves the community as a Bearcat Buddies Lead tutor. His desire to explore new ideas is what got him involved with TEDxUCincinnati and in his free time he enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and exploring new places.

  • Ronak Shah
    Ronak Shah Co-Director of DLP

    A former member of DLP, Ronak is currently a second-year Medical Sciences major and Finance minor. In addition to TEDx, he serves as a Resident Advisor at Scioto Hall, a member of the Student Activities Board, and a Bearcat Buddies tutor. Ronak also enjoys researching the development of the respiratory system at CCHMC. In his free time, he has a great time playing basketball, listening to music, and trying new and adventurous activities.

Team Advisors

  • Charles H. Matthews, PhD.
    Charles H. Matthews, PhD. Chair, Advisory Board

    Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati

    Dr. Matthews is an internationally recognized scholar and innovative teacher in the field of entrepreneurship. His teaching and research interests include: strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership and decision making. An educational entrepreneur, he is the founder of the UC Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research in 1997, which was named one of the top 50 Entrepreneurship programs in the U.S. in 2001 (Success magazine).

    Dr. Matthews has served as a delegate on entrepreneurial development in China, the former Soviet Union (including Russia, Latvia, and Estonia), studied at the University of Antwerp, was honored to receive a Malone Fellowship for study in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and has traveled to the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Egypt.

  • Jared Haggit
    Jared Haggit Co-Founder, Curator Emeritus '15

    Jared Haggit is a University of Cincinnati alumnus who helped co-found TEDxUCincinnati in the fall of 2014. After graduating in 2015, Jared began work as an enterprise business development associate for technology company Cision. There, he consults with CMO’s and corporate communication professionals to develop strategic partnerships that optimize company communication’s across earned, owned and paid media. As an advisor to the TEDxUCincinnati leadership team, Jared works closely with the president and advisory board to plot the strategic direction of the organization. Outside of this, Jared regularly contributes thought leadership pieces to publications such as Influencive, Cision and PRNewswire’s blog and can be found biking, hiking and exercising.

  • Shivam Shah
    Shivam Shah Co-Founder, Curator Emeritus '16

    Shivam is currently completing his Masters of Health Economics at the London School of Economics. As the Co-founder of TEDxUCincinnati, Shivam was instrumental in bringing a culture of TEDx to the University of Cincinnati. At UC, Shivam served as the Student Body Vice President and also created the Discovering Leadership Program. In 2014, Shivam gave a TED Talk about the subtleties of classical piano at TEDActive, a global TED Conference. As an advisor, Shivam focuses on strategic planning and engagement with the TEDxUCincinnati Executive Board.