Executive Board

  • Kaitlyn Luckey
    Kaitlyn Luckey President, Curator

    Kaitlyn is a third year honors student studying Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. She is involved with non-profits and the startup community in Cincinnati. Kaitlyn enjoys being involved in Greek life, meeting new people, and exploring the tastes and sights of Cincinnati. She’s excited to pursue her third year on the TEDxUCincinnati Executive Board as President and Curator!

  • Cassidy Peebles
    Cassidy Peebles Internal Vice President

    Cassidy is in her second year at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a degree in Business Economics. Besides her passion for TED, Cassidy finds joy in her involvement with Student Government and the University Funding Board as well as UC Junoon, UC’s Bollywood Fusion a capella group. In her free time, she enjoys running around Cincinnati and playing with her three cats and 2-year-old brother.

  • Devin Lally
    Devin Lally External Vice President

    Devin Lally is a second-year Information Systems student in the Lindner College of Business.  Aside from her TED obsession, she spends her time on campus with Delta Sigma Pi and Chi Omega and off campus as a Business Analyst for Orchestrate Technologies and a volunteer for the Cincinnati CIO Roundtable. Her passions include veganism, her Vitamix blender, traveling abroad, outdoor sports, and everything BBC.

  • Jillian Kavinsky Design Chair

    Jillian is a fourth year studying Marketing, Information Systems, German Studies, and Electronic Media, yet wishes it was possible to get a degree in jigsaw puzzling instead. Passionate about all things creative, design, and technology, Jillian works in the advertising industry and is the most die-hard Cincinnatian you will ever meet. She also likes exploring with her dog and has an encyclopedic knowledge of John Cusack movies. Find her full portfolio here.

  • Sam Malik Finance Chair

    Sam is a first year marketing and entrepreneurship major in the Lindner Honors-PLUS program. After helping found and serving as the Co-Executive Director and Co-Director of Speaker Development for TEDxNewAlbany, Sam is excited to bring his passion and talent for (TED) event-planning to UC. Aside from TEDx, Sam enjoys listening to music, serving the community, and keeping himself busy by running his own graphic design, web design, and photography business, Malik Media.

  • Tony Dinh Marketing Chair

    Tony is currently a second year studying Fashion Design with minors in Marketing and International Business. In addition to marketing chair for TEDxUCincinnati, he is the co-event coordinator for VSA (Vietnamese Student Association). He loves traveling and meeting new people. In his free time, Tony enjoys photography and videography. This sparked his passion for editing videos, which can be seen on his YouTube Channel, Heytonyyy.

  • Tess Gerdemann
    Tess Gerdemann DLP Chair

    Tess joined TEDxUCincinnati last year through the Developing Leadership Program. A second year International Affairs major, Tess is also involved in student government as the director of federal affairs. Her main passions include traveling and helping get people connected. In high school, Tess worked for the US Senate as a page and was paid by the state department to briefly live in Paraguay while working on democratic initiatives and social entrepreneurship.

  • Akshar Kathula
    Akshar Kathula Content Chair

    Akshar is a second year studying Medical Sciences with a minor in philosophy. Akshar is currently an active member in Free the Slaves UC, Midwest Dhamaka, and GlobeMed. In his free time, he loves to play pick-up basketball, binge-watch TV shows, and listen to music. Akshar enjoys learning about new and innovative ideas, and is excited to be involved in TEDxUCincinnati this year.

Executive Staff

  • Sarah Stoner
    Sarah Stoner Speaker Relations Director

    Sarah is a third year studying Industrial Management in the Lindner Honors-PLUS program at the University of Cincinnati. She is a member of a social sorority and is involved in the Panhellenic community through the Judicial Board. She is also a University Honors Ambassador and in Lindner Women in Business. She is a fitness fanatic and loves working out, which she channels as a member of CHAARG, the UC Boxing team, and Snowcats. Sarah is a high energy person and enjoys humor and jokes.

  • Surya Elangovan
    Surya Elangovan Social Media Director

    Surya is a senior in Industrial Management minoring in Business Analytics in the Lindner College of Business. Before coming to UC, he was the logistics chair for TEDxERAU in Daytona Beach, Florida. At UC, he is a part of Student Government through the campus life committee and is the fundraising chair for Phi Delta Theta Social Fraternity. He is also involved with APICS and loves hiking and rock climbing with the Mountaineering Club.

  • Kyle Shuja
    Kyle Shuja On Campus Marketing Director

    Kyle is a second year in Marketing at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to TEDx, he is involved in Student Government as Director of Transfer Services and in the American Marketing Association as the Director of Competitive Events. He enjoys indoor soccer, traveling, and discovering new innovations. Soon, Kyle hopes to travel back to California, get a masters degree at Berkeley in the HAAS Business program, and become a member of TEDxSanFrancisco.

  • Lando Slack
    Lando Slack Sponsorship Director

    Lando is a second year Arts and Sciences student pursuing a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Finance. He loves travelling, being outdoors no matter the weather, playing guitar, and motivating people to actualize their potential. A Cincinnati native, Lando is convinced that there is something very special about this city. After college, his ambitions include running my own business, writing a book, and definitely one day giving a TED talk of his own!

  • Rahul Sandella
    Rahul Sandella DLP Assistant Director

    Rahul is a second year majoring in Medical Sciences. He currently serves on the University Funding Board and is an active member of the Medical Ethics Society, GlobeMed, South Asian American Student Association, and Medical Sciences Student Government. Rahul also serves as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Acting on his passion for cultivating student growth and involvement, Rahul is an Honors Retreat Leader and is helping to lead TEDxUCincinnati’s Discovering Leadership Program. He is addicted to chocolate milk, tortilla chips, and old-school Disney Channel shows.

  • Luke Lampe
    Luke Lampe Salon Director

    Luke Lampe is a first-year Business Economics major in the Lindner College of Business. His chronic addiction to podcasts introduced him to his love of TED though the TED Radio Hour podcast. When Luke is not listening to podcasts, he spends his time as a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity or working with local high school students through the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati. Luke’s passions include all things Cincinnati, traveling, and exploring new things.

Team Advisors

  • Charles H. Matthews, PhD.
    Charles H. Matthews, PhD. Chair, Advisory Board

    Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati

    Dr. Matthews is an internationally recognized scholar and innovative teacher in the field of entrepreneurship. His teaching and research interests include: strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership and decision making. An educational entrepreneur, he is the founder of the UC Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research in 1997, which was named one of the top 50 Entrepreneurship programs in the U.S. in 2001 (Success magazine).

    Dr. Matthews has served as a delegate on entrepreneurial development in China, the former Soviet Union (including Russia, Latvia, and Estonia), studied at the University of Antwerp, was honored to receive a Malone Fellowship for study in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and has traveled to the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Egypt.

  • Jared Haggit
    Jared Haggit Co-Founder, Curator Emeritus '15

    Jared Haggit is a University of Cincinnati alumnus who helped co-found TEDxUCincinnati in the fall of 2014. After graduating in 2015, Jared began work as an enterprise business development associate for technology company Cision. There, he consults with CMO’s and corporate communication professionals to develop strategic partnerships that optimize company communication’s across earned, owned and paid media. As an advisor to the TEDxUCincinnati leadership team, Jared works closely with the president and advisory board to plot the strategic direction of the organization. Outside of this, Jared regularly contributes thought leadership pieces to publications such as Influencive, Cision and PRNewswire’s blog and can be found biking, hiking and exercising.

  • Shivam Shah
    Shivam Shah Co-Founder, Curator Emeritus '16

    Shivam is currently completing his Masters of Health Economics at the London School of Economics. As the Co-founder of TEDxUCincinnati, Shivam was instrumental in bringing a culture of TEDx to the University of Cincinnati. At UC, Shivam served as the Student Body Vice President and also created the Discovering Leadership Program. In 2014, Shivam gave a TED Talk about the subtleties of classical piano at TEDActive, a global TED Conference. As an advisor, Shivam focuses on strategic planning and engagement with the TEDxUCincinnati Executive Board.