Our Favorite TED Talks

The official TEDxUCincinnati staff picks

We love TED talks. It’s one of the reasons our team is so passionate about the event: we love learning, we love sharing, and we love listening to ideas worth spreading.


So, whether you are brand new to TEDx and need somewhere to start or are an old fan who wants some fresh recommendations, enjoy this list of talks designed to get you pumped about the next TEDxUCincinnati event. Our executive board has compiled a list of each of our favorite TED and TEDx talks, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

  • Venkat Suru
    Venkat Suru President
  • Babaljit Kaur
    Babaljit Kaur Director of Design
  • Divya Vinod
    Divya Vinod Director of Speaker Relations
  • Sachit Rustagi
    Sachit Rustagi On Campus Relations Chair
  • Anju Arulmani
    Anju Arulmani Social Media Chair
  • Gabrielle Stefanko
    Gabrielle Stefanko Design Chair
  • Daniel Rowe
    Daniel Rowe Vice President of Operations