A constellation is seen only when we broaden our focus from one star to many. These beautiful designs tell stories but can only be read when we connect the dots and allow ourselves to see the bigger picture. Think of this theme as a way to begin connecting those dots and the discoveries that are made along the way. Ideas are never developed in a vacuum, and we can trace the sources and inspirations for our innovations to the people and cultures surrounding us. This year’s theme is dedicated to those who aim to see the bigger picture and transform the way we analyze, imagine and create.



  • John Dixon
    John Dixon Enthusiast

    Serial entrepreneur, professor, designer. John Dixon, guided by imagination, function, and social impact, lives and works within a niche that is both considered and considerate. For John, life is a journey through which he can demonstrate the value and impact that design can have on people, spaces, and ideas.

  • Kip Fanta
    Kip Fanta Empathizer

    Kip Fanta is the Principal at the Kip Fanta Group (kipfanta.com). Prior to that, Kip spent 25 years at Procter & Gamble. He has a passion for engaging and developing others. Kip lives in Cincinnati, is married to Amie, and is the proud father of Corinne and Chad.

  • Mona Jenkins
    Mona Jenkins Advocate

    Mona is the Director of Development & Operations for the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless and one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter Cincinnati. As an educator and researcher, she actively works with community members to address neighborhood-specific issues in health, housing, and education.

  • Wendy LeBorgne
    Wendy LeBorgne Pioneer

    Dr. Wendy LeBorgne is an author-pioneer of research and education in the science and power of the elite voice. Wendy works with Fortune 500 companies and vocal athletes appearing on television, film, Broadway, radio, music tours and opera stages around the world, helping people achieve their own healthy, authentic voice.

  • Camden Moser
    Camden Moser Artist

    Camden Moser is a senior in the University of Cincinnati’s Digital Media program, studying between the DAAP and CCM schools. He works as an audio engineer in Nashville and Los Angeles.

  • Kyle Quinn
    Kyle Quinn Optimist

    As a US national security scholar, Kyle lived abroad and unexpectedly fell in love with a “foreigner” he later married. Kyle’s talk is a journey through immigration from the perspective of an American and is told through powerful accounts of the lessons he has learned about cultural bias.

  • Ryan Rahinel
    Ryan Rahinel Empiricist

    Ryan Rahinel, B.Comm., Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at UC. Ryan’s research on the interface between the physical environment and product attributes has been published in leading journals in marketing and psychology, and has been covered in various media outlets.

  • David Rapien
    David Rapien Eye Opener

    David Rapien enjoys being a husband, father, entrepreneur, and Assistant Professor – Educator at UC’s Lindner College of Business. As the Undergraduate Program Director for Information Systems, he explores strange new technologies, seeks out innovations and new ways to learn, and boldly teaches students business solutions they have never before considered.

  • Myrtis Smith
    Myrtis Smith Educator

    Myrtis Smith is a STEM educator with a Master’s degrees in Engineering and Education. Her previous careers include Systems Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Career Coach, and Relocation Specialist. For the past 14 years, she has been a high school teacher on a mission to inspire our next generation of scientists and engineers.

  • Jane Sojka
    Jane Sojka Warrior

    Jane Sojka Ph.D., fights to change the world, one student at a time. Through her innovative methods for teaching confidence, students develop resiliency and courage to ask for what they want. She is the winner of national teaching awards, and is the professor of the largest class taught at UC.

  • Lauren Styczynski
    Lauren Styczynski Communicator

    Lauren Styczynski is a sophomore at UC studying medical sciences. Following her undergraduate studies, she hopes to go on to graduate school and change the world of pain research. She is also hoping to write a book about her tumor, Tabitha.

  • Jennifer Wright-Berryman
    Jennifer Wright-Berryman Lifesaver

    Jennifer Wright-Berryman, MSW, Ph.D, is a suicidologist, working to improve understanding and intervention in adolescent suicide. Jennifer focuses on community activism, research, and school programming aimed at creating communities that save lives. Jennifer’s dream is for emotional pain to be treated as aggressively as physical pain.

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