TEDxUCincinnati’s fifth annual event, DOUBT, is about leaving behind your fears and pushing for that which you set your mind to. It’s about taking the first step, regardless of the fear of failure, and trying. It means trusting in your capabilities to push through the challenges in front of you, and achieving what you were meant to. New ideas are filled with doubt—with fear, with challenges. But great ideas push through the noise, the roadblocks, and the doubt to something better. This theme is dedicated to those who persevered through the doubt and hopes to serve as a celebration for their successes.



  • Alexandra Rufatto-Perry
    Alexandra Rufatto-Perry Trailblazer

    Alex Rufatto-Perry is a highly-acclaimed motivational speaker, facilitator, and most importantly a mom. She’s the owner of Practically Speaking, LLC and dedicates her life to helping leaders speak with confidence. Alex blends science with her love of storytelling, laughter and humor in her professional development work with corporate teams and individuals.

  • Brittany Wade
    Brittany Wade Iconoclast

    Professional empathizer, data wizard and practitioner of Black girl magic. Brittany is passionate about giving people space to be known, heard, and understood. She operates using hopeful realism; knowing where things currently stand but having faith that people will rise to their destiny: to love others and be loved.

  • Courtney Walton
    Courtney Walton Cultivator

    Courtney has served in the non-profit ministry sector for over 10 years and currently works at City Gospel Mission. She is on the Executive Board of OAESV, and is the Spiritual Director of Bridge to Thrive. Serving those who feel underrepresented, overlooked or mislabeled is one of her greatest passions.

  • Eric Broyles
    Eric Broyles Doer

    Eric Broyles is a successful entrepreneur, attorney, author and explorer. A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and the University of Cincinnati, he serves God, owns companies, forgives others, loves family, gives, builds institutions, and executes daily.

  • Erin Kelley
    Erin Kelley Advocate

    Erin Kelley, a 4th-year Psychology and Marketing student at the University of Cincinnati, plans to continue her education in Mental Health Counseling upon graduation. Erin recently launched a health coaching business for women seeking mental and physical wellness. She hopes to continue speaking on mental health in the future.

  • Grant Doepel
    Grant Doepel Visionary

    As the founder of The Four-Seven, Grant Doepel committed his life to breaking the chains of generational incarceration and those impacted by it. In doing so, he created a program that approaches incarceration and reentry differently than the cultural norm—giving hope to the incarcerated while empowering communities to bring about true justice reform.

  • Griffin Frugé
    Griffin Frugé Innovator

    Husband. Father. Learner. Griffin believes every single person has something valuable to offer. Utilizing stories from his own successes and failures, Griffin inspires low-income students throughout Appalachia to chase their post-secondary dreams.

  • Krishnanath Gaitonde
    Krishnanath Gaitonde Catalyst

    Krish Gaitonde is a robotic surgeon, urology professor, physician-innovator, failed-yet-never-quit healthcare-entrepreneur, status-quo opponent, and advocate for change. He hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to venture outside their comfort zone, take risks, embrace failure, be kind, and join the movement to positively disrupt the healthcare industry.

  • Meriden McGraw
    Meriden McGraw Early Adopter

    Serial entrepreneur with degrees in psychology and public health. Working to advance mental wellness through teaching simple, directly applicable concepts that help people thrive. Meriden has worked with professional athletes including the Bengals, corporate professionals, veterans, mental health providers, teenage girls, and her 87-year-old grandmother to create BIG change.

  • Shane Meeker
    Shane Meeker Storyteller

    An industrial designer with a love of movies, Shane Meeker is the company historian and corporate storyteller for Procter & Gamble. After uncovering the connections between his favorite movies and the best brand stories, he now shares how most business problems can be solved with what works in Star Wars.

  • Stephanie Price
    Stephanie Price Champion

    Stephanie Price is a graduate Sport Administration student, a champion of young people, and passionate about improving student-athletes’ self-efficacy beyond sports. Stephanie serves Jesus and Cincinnati Public Schools as a pioneer on an innovative student-athlete development initiative. Her goal is to help all people energetically and fearlessly pursue their dreams.

Saturday, March 9, 2019
1 PM – 4 PM
Doors open at noon.

Crossroads Uptown
42 Calhoun Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219

$10 students
$18.19 non-students
Group rates available; purchasing details below.

The venue lot will be reserved for speakers and VIP guests only.
We recommend parking in Corry Garage on Scioto Lane off of Calhoun Street.
Note that this is not included in the ticket cost.


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