Rise & Reimagine

March 27th, 2015

TEDxUCincinnati’s first ever TEDx event, Rise & Reimagine was dreamed to capture the upward trajectory and overall reimagination that the University of Cincinnati has undergone in the past few years. We’ve seen transformative changes, inspiring research and leaders collaborating to make UC the #HottestCollegeInAmerica, and, underneath all the trends, words, statistics, and numbers, there are people; human tales of success, failure and progress. Not for any one cause, but for discovery, triumph, and lasting change.

Rise & Reimagine: a premier event designed to challenge your ideas and provide you with a better understanding of where UC is headed, from community leaders and members alike. It is an exciting time! Join us in reimagining UC, our futures, and ourselves. On behalf of the TEDxUCincinnati team, we thank you and enjoy!



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